Thank You

Virtual Pen Show is run manually and the cost of hosting plus our time and commitment to this service adds up. A fee of $3USD applies for each submission of a single item for sale from an individual. If your ad will have more than one item for sale (that is not being sold as a lot) the fee is $3USD per item for sale. A fee of $15USD applies for each submission from a maker/company/business.

Pay Fees Here

How do I make changes to my listing?
tl;dr You can’t.
Once submitted, changes cannot be made. Updates and corrections can be posted as comments on your listing once it is posted to Instagram. If you would prefer to have your item deleted so that you can re-submit, please leave a comment on your listing indicating you will resubmit and your post will be archived (removed). Please note a new fee applies on re-submissions.

Can I contact Virtual Pen Show?
You can send us an email using the button at the bottom of the page or directly to Please do not send us emails to our private email or social media accounts with VPS inquiries.

Is Virtual Pen Show safe?
You are buying and selling at your own risk. Virtual Pen Show does not take responsibility for failed transactions or scammers. We do our best to weed out scammers by having a fee but we cannot guarantee anything. Please be careful and exercise common sense and caution in all online transactions.

Thank you! Your submission has been received and your item will be posted to the Virtual Pen Show Instagram account (@virtualpenshow) within 48 hours.

If your item does not post within 48 hours, it has been rejected. Please re-visit the “Sell an Item” page and ensure that your submission conforms to all listed guidelines.